Multiplier Event in Zagreb, Croatia, 27.04.2023

Tatjana Katkic Stanic on behalf of Croatian Ministry of Social Policy gives a welcome speach at the RECADE multiplier event in Zagreb


The University Psychiatric Hospital Vrapče organized a conference for all stakeholders involved in treatment and care for people with mental health problems upon the completion of the our project. The conference, titled “Treatment and care for persons diagnosed with psychosis and depression in the therapeutic culture of recovery” was the Multiplier Event of the project, and aimed to present the principles of recovery for building a therapeutic culture of recovery.


The conference invited all stakeholders in the field of mental health to attend and highlighted the international and nationally accepted standard for organizing mental health services and encouraging the recovery process. More than 120 participants attended the event.

The preferred treatment outcome for people with mental health problems, particularly those diagnosed with psychosis, was recovery, which was stigmatized as impossible by many, negatively impacting their treatment and social inclusion.

Professor Danijela Štimac Grbic on behalf of Croatian Health Ministry