The Lessons from the Recovery process included short videos (two per partner) of people discussing their respective experiences. Each video featured one mental health user and one healthcare professional or one family member and a researcher talking together and sharing their perspectives.

The partners discussed the current situation regarding peer support and recovery- and citizenship-oriented practices in Greece, Croatia, Italy, and Denmark. They also worked together to promote peer support and recovery- and citizenship-oriented practices and learned from each other.

Each partner chose to discuss two of the main dimensions of SAMHSA’s Working Definition of Recovery, based on the local context and why. The videos were subtitled in English, and their innovative feature was the lived experience of recovery.

The expected learning outcome of the videos was the mutual education of the participants (co-learning approach). The videos were recorded in a studio or via a videoconferencing system and featured the question “what does recovery mean for you?” They were uploaded on a YouTube channel.

The partners expected that with this video material, patients and carers would improve their understanding of Recovery.